Stanley F. Bergstein Messenger Award

Each year HTA honors an individual for outstanding and meritorious service to the sport. The award honors HTA’s longtime executive vice president and is named for the English thoroughbred imported to the United States in 1788 that became the foundation sire of the breed of American harness horse. It is patterned after England’s Gimcrack award, with the honoree delivering a “state of the sport” message at HTA’s annual meeting.

2013 Stanley F. Bergstein Messenger Award Recipient:

Hanover Shoe Farms

Past Stanley F. Bergstein Messenger Award Winners
2011 Race Track Industry Program
2010 Edward G. Rendell 
2009 David Carr 
2008 W.E. “Hap” Hansen 
2007 Jeff Gural 
2006 David S. Willmot 
2005 Dean Hoffman 
2004 Dr. George Maylin 
2003 Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame 
2002 Jane Holmes 
2001 Laverne Hill 
2000 Stanley F. Dancer
1999 John Campbell 
1998 Malvern Burroughs 
1997 Doug Brown 
1996 Fred J. Noe 
1995 Corwin M. Nixon 
1994 Robert E. Mulcahy III 
1993 Dominic Frinzi 
1992 Governor Jim Edgar 
1991 Louis P. Guida 
1990 W. E. “Hap” Hansen 
1989 James M. Lynch 
1988 Joseph V. McLoone 
1987 Ernest B. Morris 
1986 Preston Jenuine 
1985 Clarence Gaines & Charlie Hill 
1984 William Connors 
1983 Joseph C. O’Brien 
1982 Delvin Miller 
1981 Norman Woolworth